Kinks: 12

Tara Ta Ta Picture Book

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We were in Paris to promote 'Only A Dream' which was released as a single in France. It was the first of 2 songs we were scheduled to perform.


Life's just like that elevator. It takes you up then it brings you down...'


They think it's all over... not yet. An un-scheduled 3rd song was performed. 'You Really Got Me'. The intro chords crunched out by Dave brought the studio audience to their feet.  Ray really started getting into it.The end result was ... electrifying.


Tara Ta Ta had a similar format to the Jools Holland 'Later' Show in England. Several live bands, all set up in the same studio, performing to a studio audience.


Moving swiftly on, we launched into 'Sunny Afternoon'. It has a great piano and bass intro.


If I'd never done anything else in my music career, those 3 minutes would have been enough. The hair on my neck is tingling even now as I type these words all these years later. I'm very fortunate to have been sent a copy of the recording on video.
As things turned out, I wasn't with the band very much longer but, there was still a sell out show at the Royal Albert Hall to savour