Palladium 2

So good, I played there twice.


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On July 11th, 2005, I had a second opportunity to play at the most famous theatre in the world, the London Palladium. The event was a memorial concert for my manager in the 80's, Hal Carter


This photo was taken by Dani (our sound engineer) just before soundcheck. There were a number of acts appearing so we got a move on.


The Rubettes featuring Alan Williams had been allotted a 20 minute set, so we got quickly into our stride with 'Juke Box Jive'...


...quickly followed by 'Tonight'


By the time we launched into 'I Can Do It', the audience were up and dancing in the aisles.


All too quickly it was time for the classic hit 'Sugar Baby Love'. Many thanks to Jem for catching me enjoying a second 'London Palladium' standing ovation


London had quickly got back to normal following the terrorist attack a few days previously. It was a beautiful sunny day and I travelled into town (with my mum Jannie) by train then took a red 'double decker' bus into the West End.

It was amazing to see the 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' musical still running 2 years since my previous appearance at the Palladium.

I took my mobile/handy phone onstage and managed to capture some of the action as I get to see it onstage. This photo was taken during the singalong bit in 'Sugar Baby Love'.


At the end of the song, all 4 of us took a bow. I managed to get this picture of the audience. It's a bit out of focus but, captures a moment I'll never forget !


All the artistes appearing on the show enjoyed long, professional relationships with Hal Carter. It was great seeing familiar faces I'd worked with over the years including, Mal Cook, Eden Kane, Sheila and Nikki from the Vernons, Jess Conrad, Mick Avory from the Kinks, the Tremoloes, Dave Dee & co, Carl Simmonds, Marty Wilde and of course Hal's children Abby, Tab & Warren who organised, promoted and presented the evenings entertainment.