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Who would've thought it of me
acting so wild and carefree
Truth is I'm lost in admiration.
Remember it wasn't so long
that everything seemed to go wrong
Now I can't believe the transformation

In a heartbeat you turned the tables
Suddenly I had a guardian angel
Lifting me to a new dimension

I dissolve when I feel your arms around me
Heaven knows you could melt a heart of stone
My resolve mentarily deserts me
I declare that you wear a heart of gold.

All of the feelings I denied
had nowhere to run nowhere to hide
Caught in a web of self deception.
Captured my heart what could I say
just like the light at break of day
Filling my world with clear perception

I was ready for a new beginning
Now I'm captured in the web your spinning
Heading me in the right direction

I dissolve when I feel your arms around me...